How To Stick To a Healthier Routine This Year

It’s nearly the end of January and you probably promised yourself you would lead a healthier and more active lifestyle this year. But have you already got to the point where you have given up on your new year, new year mantra? Well here is a guide on what you can be doing to find that inner resilience and determination and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Be Realistic About Your Goals

It’s all very well setting yourself targets, but if you try to aim for things that are going to be nearly impossible to do then it is going to dishearten you very quickly, if you do not achieve them. So try to be more realistic with your fitness and eating healthy goals. It’s best to start off with smaller steps and then gradually you can increase how much exercise you are incorporating into your day and opting for healthier food choices. Small steps will lead to bigger achievements. 

Keep Healthy Snacks at Home 

You are more likely to binge on snacks when you are at home and sitting in front of the tv. If you order yourself a Kwiketo Snack Box in advance this will deter you from reaching for unhealthy snacks when you could instead have something with a high protein content that will keep you fuller for longer. If you don’t have the temptation in the house it is far easier to not choose unhealthy food options that are loaded with high contents of unsaturated fats, salt and sugar. 

Cook More Often

Cooking your own meals is the best way to know what goes into your food. You will be in control of the fresh produce you use and the quantity of salt and sugar, which is not something you can do when you purchase ready meals or have a takeaway. Look for inspirational healthy meals that are quick to put together to encourage you to cook more often and eat more healthily.  

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Get Yourself Some Exercise Equipment 

Invest in some home gym equipment that you can fit at home to encourage yourself to do some exercises each day. It will be a lot easier if you wake up in the morning, use some dumbbells to do some gentle weight training and get your body moving then it would be to get yourself out of the house and down to the gym. You will then find that you are able to change up your exercises and fit in longer sessions. 

It is also much less intimidating when you exercise at home with a video of an online personal trainer doing a workout then it is being in a room full of strangers who look as though they are more advanced than you. This can affect your confidence and sometimes have the opposite effect as you end up comparing yourself to others which can set back your progress. 

Overall if you take things step by step you will soon find that your determination and confidence will start to grow which will help you to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle this year.

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