Training at home

Power and squat racks

Whilst not cheap the flexibility and sheer amount of things you can do with a power rack makes them a great option for any home gym. Add a bench in there and you can perform most of the big exercises required for a great workout!

Weight bench

Ideal for pairing with a power cage, look for one that can go decline as well as incline and you’re all set. Attachments vary depending what you go for but you could add a preacher attachment to train arms, leg extensions and if not using with a rack make sure that you can use if for bench pressing. 


These aren’t just for the huge guys you see in the gym. There’s plenty of exercises possible with a barbell from pressing, curls, deadlifts, squats and hip thrusters to work your glutes. Pay attention to the bar size you get as it will need to match up to any plates you get (1 inch or 2, referred to as Olympic)


Available as adjustable (can be expensive!), set weights and removable (you will need plates as well) they are one of the most flexible additions to your home gym.


A single kettlebell can be all you need for a full body workout. Great for improving strength, mobility and your overall fitness there’s a number of weights to choose from. Start off modest and slowly increase the weight as you become stronger.

Resistance bands

One of my favourite things for training. So versatile and relatively cheap. Can be used with two hands or attached to something to mimic the movements you would with cables and other weights in a gym. No home gym should be without them!

Exercise bike

Great for increasing your overall fitness and aiding in weight loss. A tip I often give my clients who don’t enjoy cardio is to set up a bike in front of the TV and do your workout watching a box set, only allow yourself to watch the next episode on your next bike session!