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Health, nutrition and training reviews

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Why should you trust my reviews and advice? It’s simple – I’ve spent my entire career working in the fitness industry helping people reach their goals through training, nutrition and life coaching advice. The health industry can be a dangerous place to navigate – It’s my passion in life to help others which is why this blog was created.

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Everything you need to know about current weight loss trends

Health and nutrition advice is seemingly everywhere these days. However, with social media algorithms pedalling out a constant supply of (largely unverified) information, it can be difficult to filter through the nonsense and know exactly which bits you should be listening to. Often, we’ll hear of fads or trends that appear effective but don’t stand

The Impact Of Casino Tourism On Local Economies

Freedom Found: Embracing the Digital Nomad World

Embracing the Digital Nomad World is more than just a lifestyle choice; it’s a mindset, a journey, and a pursuit of freedom. For those who crave adventure, flexibility, and autonomy in their lives, the digital nomad lifestyle offers the ultimate escape from the traditional constraints of a nine-to-five job and a stationary existence. As digital

What Are The Symptoms of Anxiety?

Anxiety can rear its head in many forms. It’s often difficult to look at someone else and know whether they’re experiencing anxiety. However, anxiety can have a huge impact on how you live your life.  It’s important to educate yourself about anxiety so you can recognize the symptoms. It can take some time to realize

The Art of Tasting THC-Infused Seltzers

In recent years, the cannabis industry has witnessed a remarkable evolution, branching out into various consumable forms beyond the traditional smoking methods. One such innovation is THC-infused seltzers, which combine the refreshing qualities of seltzer water with the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of tasting THC-infused seltzers,

The Impact Of Casino Tourism On Local Economies

The Impact Of Casino Tourism On Local Economies

The intersection of leisure, entertainment, and economic development converges in the phenomenon of casino tourism, where the allure of gaming destinations draws visitors from far and wide, leaving a profound imprint on local economies. From the glittering lights of Las Vegas to the opulent resorts of Macau, the impact of casino tourism on regional economies

4 Helpful Tips For Eating Disorder Survivors

Many people deal with eating disorders, with studies revealing that about 28.8 million Americans will experience this condition at some point in their lives. Recovering from this can be challenging, and it’s essential to know how to maintain a clean slate as a survivor. An eating disorder recovery requires patience, support, and self-compassion to go

Career Advice for Those who Want to Work in Health and Fitness

The healthcare field can be very rewarding and it can be impactful as well. With that being said, it can also be challenging, depending on your role within it. If you want to help yourself, then one thing you can do is try and understand the requirements that are expected of you, while also creating

Three signs you might need to see a physiotherapist

Modern life is often chaotic. With so much to fit into the limited hours of each day, seeing a physiotherapist may well be the last thing on your mind. But for many people who struggle with constant aches and pains, even if you’ve become good at ignoring them, a course of physio may be just

5 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment for an At-Home Gym

Creating an effective at-home gym has become a priority for many. Whether you’re tight on space or looking to invest in a comprehensive setup, selecting the right equipment is crucial for achieving your fitness goals. This guide will walk you through five must-have pieces of equipment for your at-home gym, ensuring you have everything you

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