About Me

About Me


Hi there! Thanks for checking out my site.

I’m Sarah Beckinsale (MSc, CSN). Before I give you a little information about my background let me take the time to give you an overview of my website. My site is multi-functional – I review products, plans and anything to do with the fitness industry to help you make better, more informed choices and I keep a regular blog outlining good practice for fitness, health and wellbeing.

You can also use my site to contact me for personal training opportunities, nutrition plans (not diet plans! I don’t set people up on something they are doomed to fail) and advice if you want to take your first steps in this industry. I’m always happy to help!

So who am I? Well first and foremost I’m a personal trainer/coach but I also consider myself to be a life coach, nutritionist, wellness evangelist, and overall health enthusiast. I also a professional speaker and I love to go to the big health and fitness talks globally when I can.

How do I manage all of that and still have a life you must be asking? Thankfully it comes easily to me because I love my job. My main goal in life is to inspire my clients, my readers and anyone who I meet to adopt a healthier lifestyle, add some longevity to their lives and give them the tools to make better choices. By giving them the information to succeed I hope that it will lead to a different mindset and the ability to maintain and continue on that path. For that reason I will NEVER tell anyone to try a diet. For me this is suboptimal and the exact opposite of the ethos I try to instil in my clients. A diet is doomed to failure, it’s based on willpower and willpower comes and goes. Surprised? There’s more on that in my blog!

My journey began at a young age, I was always interested in sports and competed from a young age starting with netball at school. I then studied sports and science at college then graduated from Loughborough University’s School of Sport and Exercise Science.

Sarah Beckinsale

What do I recommend for a fit and healthy lifestyle?

A lot of people ask me this question, and I always tell them the same thing. You can’t out-train a bad diet so the first thing you need to get in order is your approach to nutrition. As I’ve said earlier this DOES NOT mean a diet. You need to understand that this isn’t something you can do for a while so you need to adopt a lifestyle you can continue for the rest of your life!

  • Step 1. Work out what your nutritional requirements are
  • Step 2. Create a meal plan and organise how to do your meal preparation
  • Step 3. Decide how you want to train and find an exercise plan that works
  • Step 4. Track your calories (and meals), workouts
  • Step 5. Regularly audit your progress and look where you can improve


Help on nutrition

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Some success stories

“I just wish I’d found this site sooner, Sarah’s advice has been paramount to me finding a way to maintain my weight loss but not hate doing it.”
Steve Blart
“Amazing site! Got some really good kettlebells based on a guide and saved a fortune, particularly with how the prices currently are!”
Emma Briggs
Model and hiker
“Been a big fan of Sarah’s for years, she was a coach at one of the gyms I trained at years ago and I’ve been a client ever since.”
Carrie McGuinness