Living a Fast-Paced Life Can Sometimes Become Exhausting

Living a fast paced life can sometimes become exhausting. And while there is plenty of excitement in living in the city, being surrounded by a bit more nature can open your eyes to how moving rural can improve your quality of life.

How moving rural can improve your quality of life

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city and even get a little too used to the stress of city life. Sometimes taking a breather and embracing life at a much slower pace can do you a lot of good and really help you refocus on what’s important. Spending quality time with family and friends as well as feeling productive and ensuring your prioritise your health can be highly beneficial to your quality of life. And by moving somewhere with a bit more peace and quiet you can make time and space in your busy schedule for things that are truly important.

Less Stress

If there’s anything you will definitely find with a more rural move it will certainly be the lack of stress. With a shared ownership home in Hampshire compared to that of London, you’ll likely feel a lot more at ease and have a lot less stress tainting your day. Without the feeling of rushing around, while everyone is always on the move, fighting for space, in a more rural area you’ll find a lot more of a relaxing feel.

More exercise

Another great point about moving to the countryside is just how much it can benefit your physical health. With more space to walk, a safer and more positive community feel and some beautiful areas to explore, getting your steps in couldn’t be easier. You can enjoy the trip to the farmers market and the afternoon browsing the produce rather than rushing in and out of a supermarket and dragging everything back home. You can easily build healthier habits and switch up your lifestyle to ensure improve your health and quality of life. Not only that but you will also have better air quality, not as much sound pollution and a better night sleep.

Easier on your finances

Another reason why a rural move is one you won’t regret is just how much cheaper it is than living in the city. Not only will you get more space, better quality and a much more sightly view for your money than a flat in London but you can also take advantage of the schemes here. With shared ownership homes in Maidstone you can buy a share in a property rather than the whole value and gradually increase your ownership overtime. While saving on the deposit as well as paying less per month with rent and mortgage combined, you can live in a beautiful countryside area for less and not worry about having to stretch your monthly wage.

So whether you’re looking at buying a home this year or you simply want to change up your lifestyle and dial down the pace, consider moving more rural. With plenty of homes out there from shared ownership houses in Canterbury to Surrey, you can get yourself on the property ladder somewhere you feel comfortable.

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