3 Major Benefits of Team Sports For Women

To some people, team sports may feel like a thing of the past. You aren’t in school anymore – there aren’t as many opportunities for team sports. When it comes to keeping fit, exercise is often done alone: whether that’s running, going to the gym, or heading to a yoga class.

There may be other people around when you’re exercising, but you rarely work with others on a team when keeping active.

In truth, there are plenty of opportunities for team sports, even as adults. Most sports centres will offer classes and games for team sports. Whether that’s doubles tennis, rounders, or basketball, you can usually find a whole wealth of team sports available to you.

These sports can be mixed gendered or, if you prefer, just for women. Many sports are looking to be more accessible for women in recent times. For example, rugby in the UK may have been thought of as a man’s sport, but nowadays, you can find many women’s teams.

Team sports offer women plenty of benefits in every area of life – from work, social, and physical lives. Here are three of the top benefits of women participating in team sports.

Physical life

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Team sports are a great way to keep fit. Like any other form of exercise, team sports give you the chance to keep fit and healthy. Usually, team sports work on a weekly basis, though the frequency of meetings will depend on the provider.

Team sports tend to get you into a routine with your fitness. Plus, the desire not to let your team down will get you going to team meets, even when you don’t feel like it.

Social life

Team sports are intrinsically social. You have to get on with your teammates, or you won’t succeed in your sport.

When you spend a regular amount of time with people – such as a weekly meeting to play your sport – you are sure to make friends.

Plus, there are then all the people you meet through the sport. If you have competitions against other people, there are even more people you get to meet.

After a while, you’ll likely start spending time with your teammates outside of the sport.

If you are currently feeling lonely or isolated, a great way to make friends is to join a team sport. Team sports require trust, understanding, and solidarity – three qualities that make an excellent base for friendship.

Work life

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Team sports give you plenty of qualities that make you a better worker. When you play for a team, your teamwork skills are boosted. You learn confidence, great communication, and respect for others – all necessary qualities for a good team worker.

Plus, if you ever get to be the captain of your team, you learn excellent leadership skills. You have to learn how to command a team, teach and coach others, and plan and strategise.

When you play a team game, you develop skills you can easily apply to your work life.

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